The Keen Legacy 1.19: First Date

000_05-31-17_9-04-18 PM.png

Today I left the island on my own. With a girl.

000_05-31-17_8-09-09 PM

Chelsey is Daisy’s friend; or rather, she was Daisy’s friend because Daisy is mad at her. But Chelsey didn’t call to talk to Daisy, she called to talk to me. She wanted me to go out with her to the mainland, to this café.

000_05-31-17_8-39-36 PM

It was fun, we got coffee and then went for a walk. It’s so strange, walking around and seeing all of these people, so many people, more than I’ve ever seen before – and I start to wonder about whether it’s worth it even being on this island, and then I feel terrible for thinking it and… well, Chelsey noticed that I was agitated and I talked with her and she understood. It’s easy with her. Sure, she talks a lot, and she’s easily distracted, but… she’s nice.

000_05-31-17_8-45-01 PM

I like spending time with her. I just hope Daisy is okay with it, I don’t want to make her mad at me. Well, more mad than she is already.


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